Slade Piano Studio Google Classroom – Click on the picture below.


Music paper (all shapes and sizes) – Click on the picture below.

Composers biographies – Click on Beethoven.

Printable Bass cleff flashcards – Click on the bass clef.

And for printable Treble Clef flashcards – Click on the treble clef, of course. (However, note that there is a mistake on the very first card – it should be a treble clef high C instead of a bass clef high E.)

NOTE READING APPS for iStuff. Click on the icon.

Piano Notes! (basic note identification)

Learn Notes! (also basic note identification)

Flashnote Derby (timed note recognition with a fun theme)

My Note Games (play the notes on your own piano)

Piano Notes Pro (gives a series of notes to play on internal keyboard, may add sharps and flats)

iLovePiano (more realistic note reading on a grand staff)

SIGHTREADING APPS for iStuff. Click on the icon.

SightReadPlus (more expensive but actual sightreading in any key using your real piano)

SightRead4Piano (quality music to play to a metronome as the measures you’ve played disappear)