– The study of music enriches life, and it is fun! However, talent and intelligence without effort won’t get you very far. Learning to play the piano requires daily practice. ‘Nuff said!

– The year is divided into 4 terms of approximately 11 weeks each. Tuition is payable by the term, $295/term for 30-min lessons or $399/term for 45-min lessons. Payments may be divided into monthly payments of $98/month for 30-min lessons or $133/month for 45-min lessons. Discounts are available for paying by the term and/or for additional children in the same family.

– Tuition covers weekly (almost) private lessons and all recitals.

– Private lessons include piano technic, i.e. scales, arpeggios, chords, exercises, and study of music from a variety of periods and styles, i.e. classical, jazz, rag, contemporary. We also work on sightreading skills, harmonization and ensemble playing.

– Large group recitals are scheduled at least twice per year. Mini Recitals held in my studio are scheduled periodically. See the Calendar Page for dates.

– I teach year round except for Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Vacation, Spring Break and my personal flex weeks of vacation. Except during the summer I do not reschedule lessons, but I do provide a swap list so that students can trade lesson times when conflicts arise.